All About Longboarding

Are you new to landboarding and want to know what the hype is all about?

Well, you’ve come to the right site as we will give you the basics without the overwhelm.

Longboarding is the sport or hobby of riding a long sized skateboard in whatever way you prefer. This fun sport basically evolved from surfing and became quite the rage in the 1970s. Every teenager and even adults wanted to hop on a long-sized skateboard and skate away.

It did fall in popularity later, but regained its foothold once the 90s came along. Longboarding has been going strong ever since and the skateboards have amazing designs that suit any type of skater.

In today’s times, there are 4 popular types of longboard riding styles – cruising or transportation, freeride, slolam and a downhill one.

Longboarding is also considered as an excellent means of transportation. The longboards used for transportation are available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.

Once you learn the ropes of this cool sport, you can practise many longboard tips and tricks to sharpen your skill and become an amazing rider.